AMC Reporter

AMC Reporter is powerful software which works for smooth management of your service contracts. In todays era of Information and Technology, there arise needs of software through which we can do many of our day to day work easily and more comfortably.
So office based software which can be used to save records of the clients like services to be provided to the clients and the payment details of the clients etc. is required.
To know an expiry date of each contract and payment due for collection etc. must be available in the software so that important works does not remain overlooked.

So we at Multiicon recognize these specific requirements of our client and developed AMC Reporter which is persuasive software for service provider organization. In AMC Reporter we have tried to satisfy the needs of each service provider organization.
AMC Reporter software has huge number of facilities; the list of facilities being provided by the AMC Reporter is as follows:

Master Entry
SMS/ E-mail Reminder
Expiry Reminder Report
Payment Reminder Report
Collection Report
Follow up Report.
Business Performance Report
Call Management
Set User Id & Password for Security
AMC Ticker
Backup facility
Personalized Settings

In this way, it can be concluded that AMC serves the best purpose of Service Industry because of its extraordinary features and facilities.