Creating My Own Youtube Channel

I have started making my first video for my youtube channel. This one shows you how to get free gems for Dragon City, but I am not really happy with the technical aspects of the video right now. I have been having trouble getting a good capture from my tablet to upload on my PC. Of course it is a problem when you do not do a good job of synchronizing the voice narration with the video. That was the case with my first attempt and I just had to delete the audio from that and start all over from the beginning. I have that finished now and I am working on the introduction and the part at the end. I guess that they call that an outro as opposed to an intro. I have tried a couple of things, but for the most part they just did not impress me very much and I am looking to create something really cool. That part is like a signature obviously and you need something which is going to impress the viewer as much as is possible. You want them to think that they shall want to come and see more of your videos and to subscribe to your channel. Of course right now I only have one video and it is probable that I really need about a dozen of them. It would be better if I could figure out how to make the process go much smoother and a whole lot quicker. It would be very time consuming to do this if I was going to spend as much time on all of the videos as this one required. I am thinking about where I want to focus my channel. The thought I have is that there are a lot of mobile games which do not get the same exposure as other game platforms do.