Great Cheats for Trivia Crack

I don’t know why this game is so addicting, but I can’t stop playing it. The down side of it is that it has really been frustrating me, because I can’t play it on a constant basis. The game is called Trivia Crack, and when you play it, you only have a maximum of three lives. Every time you play a game, you lose a life. I have been trying to find trivia crack cheats to figure out a way to get around this problem, because I am pretty sure that it can be circumvented in some manner, but I am just not sure how.

I think that it takes like 40 minutes for each life to regenerate. But that is a long time, if you play three games back to back, and use all three of your lives. You then have to wait like 2 hours before you are back to your full amount of lives. That is too long of a wait, and especially when I am bored and playing the game to pass the time.

One of the ways that this game makes its money is by selling more lives and other things to the people who play it. But they really seem kind of expensive if you ask me. That is especailly true since it is just a mobile game and I have never spent any money buying a game for my phone. So I don’t see a reason to start now, even if I really do like playing this game. I am just dead set on believing that there is a way to get around the limit of lives that they give you that does not involve paying any money to the company that makes the game. Or at least, I sure hope there is a way to do it.