Great Word Games That Are Fun and Quick to Play

I do not have a lot of time to play games, but I do like to play them on occasion. I will usually pull out my smartphone while waiting to be seen for an appointment or waiting for my car during an oil change and play a game. I have downloaded some games from Prographo Mobile Developers that I like. They are unique word games. I like those the best. When you are waiting in line or sitting and waiting for something, you do not want to be gathering a lot of attention to yourself by playing a first-person shooter game at full volume. I like to turn the game sounds off and play word games quietly.

I sometimes play during lunch by myself at work. I like the moments of respite from dealing with the public and coworkers. I will eat my lunch and play word games in my car or enjoying the salad buffet at the nearby family restaurant. The games pass the time and help me relax. Plus, being word games, they provide a mental stimulation that my job certainly does not. The website even advertises one game as the perfect game to play while you are on the toilet. It is because it only takes a few minutes to play a competition. Plenty of time to finish the game and your business, so to speak.

Anyway, the games are fun. I do like some action games, but I like word games too. I do a lot of writing, so word games are a natural for me. I do not like a lot of the word game apps that are always trying to sell you something. I just want to play. I’m not interested in badges or awards or leader board standings. I just want to get quickly started on a game and quit when my name is called if I am waiting for something.