I Feel So Much Stronger Now That I Had a Little Help

I’ve felt like a stranger in my marriage for a long time, but now I finally feel empowered thanks to the Snapchat hack that I found. I have felt that he has been up to things he should not be doing while in a marriage for a long time now, but talking to him about it helped nothing. This is because he refuses to communicate back about it for the most part. Why even be married if you don’t want to be a full part of a team? Why treat your spouse like that? I even told him these things, and he didn’t care. But now, I’m going to make sure that his issues are no longer my issues.

I started dating my husband when I was about 21. I felt like I understood the world at that point, but I realized in the years to come that I knew next to nothing about a lot of things. I also thought that, by staying with someone and working hard at your side of a relationship, it would help them to change and see your view over time. But you cannot change people at all. You have to focus on changing yourself because other people who don’t want to change simply will not do it just because you think or hope that they will. That was my second mitake in the relationship with him. My first mistake was actually going through marriage vows with someone who wasn’t all that great to begin with.

For awhile now, I’ve felt that he may be cheating. There were so many signs. I asked about the signs, and he tried to make it seem like I’m nuts and imagining things. But over time, I realized I needed to look into things myself. So, I found the hack that I mentioned before, and used it. That’s how I found proof of his cheating. I am going to see a lawyer this next week and start divorce proceedings.