I Learned That I Have to Keep Up with Things

It really does give you a sense of peace when you know that your children are safe and not in trouble. My husband takes a sort of hand’s off approach with the kids, and in doing so, he often has no fear over their safety. But the problem with that is that, when the kids do get into trouble, it’s often too late thanks to him ignoring. As for myself, I found an Instagram hack that lets me check on what my kids are doing and I am able to thwart off trouble before it becomes a big deal. My husband is learning from me, and now he even reminds me to check their accounts. This is a good thing.

Our kids are pretty good kids, but like any young people, they sometimes fall prey to friends who are not good at all. My kids are bright, but sometimes they follow what other young people do a little too easily. For example, I was able to tell from the messages that one of my daughters was sending privately that she was planning on spending the night at a friend’s house and then sneaking out all night with a guy she met. I had a plan that worked well to help stop that.

Sometimes I don’t check to see what my kids are up to when they spend the night somewhere. But this time, I made sure to call the home and speak to the mother. She was told that, under no circumstances, was my daughter allowed to leave the house. Then, I told her what was going on, and asked her to call me if the boy showed up over there. He did. So, I showed up there myself and surprised my daughter. She was told that she won’t be spending the night with her friend anytime soon.