Playing a Game for a Few Minutes at Work Can Clear Your Head to Make You More Productive

I write a lot on the computer every day. You would think I would like to not stare at the screen any longer when I take a five minute break. However, in the building I work in, it takes five minutes just to get out the door. I wait until the official break times to go out and get some sun. When I pause for a couple of minutes to clear my head, I play Ninja Go games online. I have always liked Flash browser games. They are fun to play. They do not take a whole lot of thought or concentration. They have cool graphics and sounds too. They are a welcome distraction when I have had enough typing for a while.

It is okay to take a short break now and then here. We keep up our productivity by being able to pause when it gets rough. I actually learned about the Ninja Go games from my manager. She has to take a break now and then too. A couple of minutes playing a game does more for my focus and productivity than just sitting here and slogging away until the official break time comes around. Of course, I do not waste my official breaks from work. I head for the door as soon as the time rolls around. I do not wait an extra second!

I do like my job. It is just that it can get hectic on some days. We had a surprise a few days ago. The big boss spread the word throughout the building that we were going to take two extra breaks during our shift that were going to be paid breaks. One was to play a game online at Ninja Go games or other Flash-based website games. The other was a half hour break to do what you wanted. I cleaned my desk and drawers. It needed it. I went outside for awhile too. It was a pretty neat day at work.