Rebuilding My Music Collection Again

I used to have about three or four terabytes of music files and music videos. I spent over a decade collecting it all. Some of it I recorded myself and then transferred to my computer. Some of it I got from torrent sites, but illegal ones like the Piratebay and this awesome private tracker I know about, but also from a lot of the sites where people share live music. There are a lot of site which are dedicated to sharing files from just one band that allow you to tape and trade their live lows. For instance you can find a site for U2 bootlegs if you look hard enough. I think it is called Elevashn. Of course the dot shn is a lossless file format that real audiophiles would would prefer in spire of the fact that it is a great deal larger than even a highly encoded mp3. I think that it is actually called a shorten file. It appears that the site has been closed down

There are other sites. I think the one for the Counting Crows is something like Catapult or the name of one of their other songs. Of course the biggest site is called Archive dot org and they have a vast amount of music if you happen to like the types of bands that share their music. Of course the Grateful Dead are the ones who are most famous for allowing their fans to trade their live shows, and there must be at least forty or fifty jam type bands on archive dot org that are directly copying the style of the Grateful Dead.Of course in reality it is not a bad business model for a working rock and roll band. The idea of establishing a real repoire with the average fan is really gold for a band.