Submit software

You can submit freeware and shareware software, for quick update, submit your software pad url through submit page/update software page.
Software submitted through PAD files will be crawled and updated regularly.

Listing Guidelines

Do not submit the same software multiple times. Repeated submissions will lead to blacklisting the homepage of the software
Software name, download url, Image URL should be unique. It should have proper and unique Software Name, proper download url and proper image URL. Our fslbot regularaly crawls home page url, imageurl and padurl. Consecutive 5 access failures will lead deletion of your softwre. Mail confirmation is mandatory for continuing your software listing. Ensure that you verify your software with email
For Internet related(Webware), there should be separate service and page for listing
Software should have a home page and the page should describe about the software to be listed
Multiple submissions of the same software with different unique names of software name, download url and image url will be identified and will not be allowed for any further submissions. And old submissions also will also be removed
To update the software, use the update feature in the submit site.
Do not submit malware software

Pad mapping:

Author Name: XML_DIZ_INFO/Company_Info/Contact_Info/Author_First_Name + XML_DIZ_INFO/Company_Info/Contact_Info/Author_Last_Name.

email: XML_DIZ_INFO/Company_Info/Contact_Info/Contact_Email.

Software name: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_Name.

Version: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_Version.

Price($): XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_Cost_Dollars

type: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_Type;

OS: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_OS_Support

SIZE: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/File_Info/File_Size_K

CATEGORY:  XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Info/Program_Specific_Category

KEYWORDS: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Descriptions/English/Keywords

SHORT DESCRIPTION: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Descriptions/English/Char_Desc_450

Description: XML_DIZ_INFO/Program_Descriptions/English/Char_Desc_2000

HomepageURL: XML_DIZ_INFO/Web_Info/Application_URLs/Application_Info_URL;

ImageURL: XML_DIZ_INFO/Web_Info/Application_URLs/Application_Screenshot_URL

Download URL: XML_DIZ_INFO/Web_Info/Download_URLs/Primary_Download_URL
Regnow Item ID: XML_DIZ_INFO/Affiliates/Affiliates_Regnow_Product_ID
Avangate Item ID: XML_DIZ_INFO/Affiliates/Affiliates_Avangate_Product_ID
Share-IT Item ID: XML_DIZ_INFO/Affiliates/Affiliates_ShareIt_Product_ID
Plimus Order Page: XML_DIZ_INFO/Affiliates/Affiliates_Plimus_Order_Page
SWReg Order Page: XML_DIZ_INFO/Affiliates/Affiliates_SWReg_Order_Page
Press Release: XML_DIZ_INFO/Press_Release/Keywords XML_DIZ_INFO/Press_Release/Related_URL XML_DIZ_INFO/Press_Release/Press_Release_Plain XML_DIZ_INFO/Press_Release/Headline XML_DIZ_INFO/Press_Release/Summary