Working on a Little App Idea

I have been working on this for a little while, but I have just now really gotten it to start looking as though it might actually work. My technique in coding this stuff is pretty crude. In fact I swiped some of the code out of other apps. One of the things I borrowed was actually one of those of Trivia crack cheats. It was just convenient and easy to lift the code I needed. I was just looking at it and realized that it had something in it that I could put to a good use. I do not know if the guy who wrote it would have any thing against me borrowing his code, but up to a point that is how you do it. Of course in general what you do is learn to use modules. If you work it right you can put the program together just like assembling a set of lego blocks.

Of course that is just the theory, but if it was really that simple no one would have to pay guys fifty or sixty bucks an hour to write code. My goal is to go past the place where I can get paid that sort of money by some other guy. I want to be able to write a hit game like like Trivia Crack. Of course if you succeed then you just sit back and let people send you money. You can make money in a couple of ways I guess. Most of the money probably comes from ads, which are what you get if you do not pay to get rid of them. Of course if you can get someone to pay you to stop putting ads on their game, that is a pretty good deal for you if you are a programmer.